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“When I was about 6, my dog bit me because I reached into her food bowl while she was eating. The pain was so great, that it sent  electric spasms all throughout my body and I, like a 6 year old, cried. I rain into the kitchen to my dad, who was peeling apples at the time for my mom to make pies later that evening, and told him what had happened. After my passionate speech my father only had one question for me, “Did you bite her back?”. This absurd query immediately ceased my tears. “No”, I replied. “If somebody bites you, bite ’em back” my dad sighed as he went back to peeling and slicing. After that I promptly exited the kitchen, found Spicy (my dog’s name) and bit her. From then on, Spicy and I had a mutual understanding. Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”

Ben Holbrook is a Filmmaker, Playwright, and Actor from Garner, NC. He enjoys most things, but front porches, bad dogs, strong drinks, run down homes, octopi, lopsided cakes, thunderstorms, and lemonade are some of his favorites.  He’s always working on something new. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Feel free to get in contact.
Email: baholbrook@gmail.com


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